DIY Wedding flowers & our wedding

I'd like to start off our brand new blog with a little review of my own wedding in May of this year. 

I'm one of these people that loves to try my hand at various arts and crafts and of course when I started planning my wedding I was like 'I'm gonna make EVERYTHING myself' because of course why wouldn't you?

Some things I wanted to do did fizzle out or got replaced by a much more practical and realistic option, but some of them I have stuck to my guns on and powered through. One of those things was my flowers. I wanted to hand make all of my flowers from paper, partly because they'd last longer but mostly because I just really wanted to see if I could. I wanted that satisfaction of looking at them all over the venue and thinking 'I made all this!'.

So, if you've ever tried to make stuff from tutorials on the internet then you'll know that there are often ways that you can make adjustments to the designs so that they fit your purpose better or are slightly quicker or easier to do. And it's exactly this that I've been thinking about since my wedding and I'm going to work on some tutorials of my own, so watch this space if you're interested in trying your hand at some home-made flowers.

For my bouquet, I used mostly white crepe paper to make the anemone and gypsophila flowers, and green crepe paper to make the leaves. I also added blue silk pods and crystal beads to add a little bit of colour and sparkle. Finally I added the hanging flowers to hang underneath (I didn't make these myself, they are plastic). I did a similar design for my bridesmaid but with blue peonies and white gypsophila flowers for her.