About Laura


Hi! 👋 I thought I'd take a minute to properly introduce myself so you know a little more about who you'd be working with. My name is Laura and I'm the Director and main designer & illustrator for Paper Veil. 

I've worked as a Graphic Designer in a professional capacity for several years, for small companies/start-ups where the impact of great design can really be seen. I did my degree and subsequent Masters in Visual Communication with a strong emphasis on illustration. I love to combine the two, creating exciting designs that also benefit from a strong illustrative baseline.

Out of work I'm a keen craft hobbyist, trying my hand at almost any craft activity you can imagine. The successes include collage, machine sewing and cross stitching with the epic fails being entirely in crochet and knitting. I just can't get to grips with them.

Nature inspires me the most and when it's too warm to be inside I like to spend time in my garden with my little terrier, looking after plants and throwing the ball every and then...

If you want to find out more about my work history, experience or are just a bit nosey (aren't we all), feel free to find me on LinkedIn. 


Or you can head over to my specific portfolio site instead using the button below.

Key Skills


  • Drawing, inking and mixed-media collage

  • Digital illustration using ProCreate, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Affinity

  • Technical drawings, graphs and maps from basic reference material

  • Creative illustrations for publishing purposes (ie picture books)

  • Infographics and visuals based heavily on statistics/data

Vector & Raster Graphics & Manipulation

  • Creating bespoke vector graphics from scratch or refreshing existing working files to fit a new purpose/brand

  • Branded custom icon creation

  • Photo manipulation and creating filters to create customised or branded image content from existing images.

Design & Layouts

  • Creating document layouts fit for purpose, including books, forms, white papers, ebooks, handouts and flyers

  • Event display layouts, including full stand design and any additional resources

  • Backgrounds/Frames for webinars or video calls

  • Complete front-end website design