Picture Books

You're in the right place if you've written a picture book for children and you're keen to find out how Paper Veil can help you bring it to life.



This page is intended for writers who have already decided that you'd like to choose Paper Veil to help with the visuals on your picture book journey. 

If you're just starting out and are looking for more general picture book advice then we've written a really helpful little guide to getting started with your picture book over in our library; which includes info on prepping your writing for publication and hiring an illustrator. 

What, when & how much?

The first things you'll probably want to know is how long does it take and how much is it going to cost? Well that does depend on how much work your picture book might require. If your story is short and you only imagine that you'll need 1 or 2 illustrations to accompany it, then understandably this would cost less than a full book of 24 illustrations, as it'll take less time to do. Every book is unique in that sense and we can only really quote on a book-by-book basis. 

However, to make this process easier, and to give you a rough idea, we've outlined the key parts of a standard picture book below with an estimate of how much each costs. We've used common book terminology, so that way you can understand exactly what's what and identify the bits that you do and don't need before you enquire.

1. Cover

Usually front and back layout (imagine a book opened flat, face down) sometimes with a spine containing vertical text. A spine would only be present on books with a certain amount of pages, otherwise it wouldn't be thick enough to be legible.

Layout of a cover using illustrations that will also appear in the book is from £50 or if a unique cover illustration is required, that would be from £100.

2. Endpapers

Endpapers are usually at the very start and end of the book. They are often just a pattern, colour or sometimes a plain colour. They are mostly used decoratively inside the covers and sometimes to add pages to the overall length of the book when needed (printed books usually have to have pages in multiples of 4 with a minimum of 16). 

Custom pattern endpapers cost £50, plain colour or white ones are included in our book layout cost (number 5, below).

3. Title Page

Predictably the title page is basically just a page containing the book title, usually printed against a plain or white background so that it is clear and easy to read. The title page may also have any copyright information or sometimes a dedication too. It's a page to re-introduce the story title, especially if the cover is heavily illustrated. 

Title pages are always included in our book layout cost (number 5, below).

4. Main Pages & Illustrations

These are the main pages of your book, depending on the look you'd like, they will probably be heavily illustrated. A page is either a single left or right side of an open book and a spread is both the pages you can see together when the book is held open. 

We offer 3 illustration options to suit every budget:

  • Full page illustration
    Edge to edge illustration, full colour. These are the most time intensive so are approx £100 per spread.


  • Focus illustration
    Central style 'contained' illustration with much some white space around the edges, top and bottom. These are from £50 per image.


  • Spot illustration
    Small illustration used to demonstrate a point in the text. You could have 1, 2 or 3 of these to a page. Great for breaking up large amounts of text without making the pages too 'busy'.
     These are from £25 per image.

5. Book Layout Design

We offer layout design separately to the actual illustrated artwork. In some cases you might not need the book putting together but just need the illustrations. For example an e-book might only need a batch of illustrations, whereas a printed book might require full layout and print formatting. 

If you do need layout design we can set up your book to your chosen print dimensions, creatively arrange all text so that it flows with your artwork, choose and pair fonts and create a file that is ready for print. 

Layout design is from £100 per book depending on length.

Friendly (& honest) notes on Book Illustration before you start

Creating a picture book is not as easy as people seem to think. You'll already know how hard it is to write an engaging story for a target audience. It's just as hard to create engaging and descriptive illustrations too.


Don't let that put you off though! Anything worth doing should be challenging. If you're ready to make your passion project a reality then we'd love to hear from you.


Please bear in mind though that illustrating a complete picture book is time-consuming, so plan ahead with your deadlines. Depending on the style & amount of illustrations plus any rounds of amends needed, you should allow anything from 3-12 months for book production. Obviously that's a wide margin and we'd be able to give you a better estimate of timings once we've reviewed your story.

You might be thinking that book illustration seems expensive, this is why. Plus, a professional illustrator has usually been through years of training just like other skilled professions (even if they are naturally gifted as well).

Why choose us?

To put it simply, we're friendly and creative with a desire to find the perfect solution to your brief, whatever that might be. If this sounds like the kind of working relationship you're looking for, then get in touch. 



Beautiful designs and competitive pricing, Laura did a fantastic job of updating our entire corporate identity, including the logo, website design and social media.


It all hangs together brilliantly now and looks really professional. She's quick, responsive, and really easy to work with.

MY Little Minnow


Laura at Paper Veil has been an absolute super-star to work with. Not only is she quick in what she does, the quality of her work and service are second to none. Laura's patience is boundless (as our creative brief evolved) and she offers fantastic value (as our budget was rather tight).


I'm so pleased to say the quality of service, helpful direction and end product we received, went above and beyond our expectations. If you need an excellent illustrator who is also a lovely person to work with: Laura at Paper Veil should be top of your list.

The HUman Space


Highly recommend working with Paper Veil. The entire process from the initial ideas meeting to the final product was smooth and simple. Laura was open to ideas and gave multiple options when I couldn't decide on certain colours/fonts/styles.

I am very happy with the end result for my business The Human Space, and I know that the branding Paper Veil have created has been imperative for my marketing and brand awareness.