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A very happy return

I haven't really taken the time to write blogs before but I like writing and I have a lot to share so I thought I'd give it some proper effort! So hello and welcome! 👋

What a funny time it's been eh? I know a lot of you lovely couples have had to postpone your weddings and honeymoons and having only been married 2 years myself, cannot imagine just how rubbish that must feel. I feel for you. But onwards and upwards I guess!

So this is basically a little intro message to let you all know that I'm still here, working as normally as possible to create beautiful illustrations and so far haven't had any reports of delayed print arrivals so I'm confident that everything is as it should be. 🤞

I'm going to be writing blogs on things I'm working on, DIY projects you can have a go at yourself and tips for your own wedding prep. I'm going to try and keep them as interesting and relevant as possible but they may not always be wedding related. I'm a crafty gal and a designer at heart so there might just be some extra fun things in there too. 😊

Feel free to hit me up with any topics on your mind that you think I might be able to explore though. It's my first time doing this and ultimately I want it to be an enjoyable read.

Ok so to finish I just want to point you guys to my crowdfunder. 👉 https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/paperveil

I don't love having to ask for money but after the year we've had so far I don't have much choice. I'm basically looking to grow Paper Veil so that I'm in a better position post COVID-19 but need a little extra push to get there. Your donation wouldn't go unrewarded of course. I can pay in drawings ✍️

Anyway big love, stay safe and hope to see you back here soon for the next instalment.

Laura 💙

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