• Laura

Brand Refresh for Crowdorder

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Crowd Order's mission is to source quality, affordable services for SME's across areas of running a business from HR to accounting for example. They access lower (bulk) service rates for their customers by bringing in the crowd. An interesting and modern concept deserves branding to match!

The Brief

They came to me as a start-up with only a few months under their belt. Understandably their logo and branding wasn't their priority so they were looking for a complete refresh of their logo, colours, style, website and assets but re-purposing (where possible) as much of what they had before as possible.

Design Process

Their current brand style was a little pale, plain and obviously created quickly. The first things I researched when putting together their mood board were: What other similar companies in the market looked like; What other unrelated sites their target audience would look at and; What kind of impression they wanted to give to their target audience. Their target audience was primarily other start-ups, entrepreneurs and young SME's. So with this paired with the essence of being part of an exclusive community or 'crowd' led me down a path of creating a more vibrant and varied colour palette with a stronger more deliberate graphic style. The final result being more present and engaging within the target groups.

Have a look through the solution gallery below for before and after images.

Complete website: