Who we are and
what we do

Paper Veil was created in 2015 by illustrator and graphic designer Laura Vann-Leeds, working from a small studio based in Nottingham. Laura has a passion for illustration and wanted to create her own company that focuses on rooting illustration as the cornerstone in creative design. 

Laura is the owner/director of Paper Veil and does most of the illustrative and design work alongside her husband and a small team of trusted individuals that help her operate the other areas of the business. We keep the circle small so that we know every client and every project personally. 

environmental impact

We pride ourselves on being a mindful company when it comes to resources and the environment. Understandably, printed stationery can be considered a massive strain on paper resource but we still think that a physical set of beautiful printed stationery for your big day is just unbeatable. Beautiful things shouldn't cost the earth, so we do our best to find the middle ground so you can have both. 

We use a trusted printing company, based in the UK that has gained the ISO14001 certification. Meaning they have been monitored and evaluated on how they manage and process waste and efficiently use resources to ensure it's as responsible as it can be.​ We didn't just choose them for their excellent environmental practices, but they also passed our own quality tests; Against their competitors they produced the best quality prints that were the closest match for our original artwork.

We also operate as mindfully as possible. All of our own admin is paperless, and where possible we'll used recycled packaging materials to send out your prints and will only ever order exactly the amounts of prints we need.

Our working Values

It's a beautiful and progressive world we live in nowadays but sometimes you might still encounter a less than pleasant experience with another individual or business. We do our best to not be one of those businesses. We are as approachable, friendly and inclusive as possible and we treat every client exactly as we'd like to be treated by others. 

We prioritise mental health in our working practices, so we have set working and online hours to keep things consistent and we conduct most of our business via email so you (and we) can choose not to be interrupted during often much needed downtime.  

We also operate to set 'online hours' which we feel ensures fairness from both sides...You know when you can expect a response from us and we can have enough uninterrupted time set aside to work on all the lovely designs we need to. 

You can read more about our specific working practices and other policies on our Policies page.


More about Laura

Hi! 👋 I thought I'd take a minute to properly introduce myself so you know a little more about who you'd be working with.

I've worked as a Graphic Designer in a professional capacity for several years, for small companies/start-ups where the impact of great design can really be seen. I did my degree and subsequent Masters in Visual Communication with a strong emphasis on illustration and I love to combine the two, creating exciting designs that also benefit from a strong illustrative baseline.

Out of work I'm a keen craft hobbyist, trying my hand at almost any craft activity you can imagine. The successes include collage, machine sewing and cross stitching with the epic fails being entirely in crochet and knitting. I just can't get to grips with them.

Nature inspires me the most and when it's too warm to be inside I like to spend time basking in my garden with my little terrier, looking after the plants and throwing the ball every and then...

If you want to find out more about me, my experience or are just a bit nosey (aren't we all), feel free to find me on LinkedIn or check out my portfolio page.